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Air Conditioning

We supply and install Mistubishi Split Systems at highly competitive prices. Our expert staff can also advise you on the correct size air conditioning system for your home or office, so that you get the maximum efficiency and effect for the size of the rooms to be cooled/heated.

We also specialise in the installation of all brands of air conditioners including: Mistubishi, LG, Fujistu, Daikin, Actron Air and Samsung.

We also supply and service Heat Pumps.

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Tip #1: Contrary to popular belief, it is never more energy efficient to keep an air conditioner running at a minimal level all day than to turn it off and re-cool the house or office space at a later time. Whenever your air conditioner is running, you are paying for it.

Tip #2: It is important to keep your windows closed when the air conditioner is off. This prevents additional humidity from being let in and, if your home is well insulated, the temperature should only increase by a few degrees throughout the day when you are not at home.

Tip #3: Ducted air conditioners do not work better when the ducts to rooms that are not in use are left open. By closing doors, vents and ducts to rooms that are not being used, your air conditioner will work all the more efficiently.

Tip #4: Resist the temptation to turn the air conditioner's thermostat five to seven degrees cooler than the temperature at which it is usually set in an effort to cool your house faster. It does not work as an air conditioner extracts hot air and replaces it with cold. Your air conditioner is only able to replace a particular amount of hot air with cold in a particular time.

Important in so many of our lives, air conditioners make stifling hot days more bearable and often, effectively warm rooms in colder weather. Continually advancing and becoming increasingly sophisticated in design and operation, air conditioners of all types and specifications are available to meet a range of needs for homes and businesses.

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