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The Australian Government funds a free to air satellite service – the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST). VAST provides digital television to viewers in remote areas of Australia who currently rely on analogue services from the Optus Aurora platform; as well as viewers who are unable to receive digital TV through their normal antenna because of issues relating to local interference, terrain or distance from the transmitter in their area.


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Did you know that many nationalities have a FREE Satellite TV channel or channels available in Australia?


Refer to  for current free channels or subscription channels available.


We can help you access these free channels by installing the appropriate Satellite Dish in your home. In some instances smaller dishes can be mounted on a balcony without the need for strata permision. For other channels a larger dish is required . Please call us to discuss your options, and we can assist you in getting the channels you want.


Satellites available in australia using 2.3 meter wide dishes are:

insat2E. Tamil and tulugu


asiasat5, Arabic and middle eastern.

asiasat3S, hindi and chineese

palapa, indoneasion

chinasat6B chineese

intelsat8, south americian, european.

Satellites available with a small dish, 65CM to 80CM wide

asiasat 4, konnect tv and soon jaja tv. Both services are pay per view

optus D2, Christian, Arabic, Thai, European, Turkish, Greek and many more.

Some channels are free and some are pay per view through Vision Asia or UBI.

intelsat8, arabic, italian and more.





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